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Come out to eat Paranthas this Sunday October 5, 2014 from 11am-5pm  in the Lower East Side on Hester and Essex Streets!!



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September 2014 Review By Preethi Mahadeviah of The Skinny On Manhattan:

“The aroma of chillies and fish frying pretty much compelled me toward this stall. Parantha Alley specializes in stuffed paranthas (also spelled and pronounced as parathas and parottas depending on which part of India whoever is making it is from).

This is essentially two layers of whole wheat Indian bread with a thin layer of either meat, vegetable, fish or cheese. And it’s amazing how many Indian restaurants in NYC ab

We decided to try the Machli (stuffed with spiced fish) and the Kheema (stuffed with spiced chicken). solutely suck at this. Not Parantha Alley, though. This is the real deal. One bite and we were in paratha heaven. The parathas were moist without being soggy and nicely balanced, as they were doughy and firm without being overcooked.  They were served with cilantro chutney, cucumber raita and hot pickled mangoes. Yum. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this husband and wife team will open a restaurant so these parathas don’t have to be just a weekend thing.”


 Come check us out Uptown in Harlem for the Harlem Food Festival on October 27, 2013!  Our special parantha will be a spicy pumpkin just in time for Halloween!!  Best costume gets a free plate on us…

Photo by Ina from Big Apple Curry

By Ina from Big Apple Curry:
“Next  on our list was Parantha Alley, which showcases hot-off-the-grill paranthas to order. Parantha is an Indian concoction that my mother makes, so how could we not try it? Uncooked whole wheat roti dough is rolled out into a circle and then a small amount of stuffing, savory or sweet, is placed in the middle; then the sides of the dough are pulled up around the filling and the whole thing is rolled out flat again, then cooked on a grill. It really is a treat, and Parantha Alley offered interesting combinations of fillings, including their award-winning goat cheese, honey, and pecan parantha, which I must say, was fantastic. Hot off the pan, the coarse whole wheat roti, hot and buttery, was a lovely foil to the melting goat cheese, oozing honey, and nutty pecans inside. I love trying new flavor combinations that really surprise me, and this did not disappoint.”

Vendy Sampler of Aloo Matar, Keema and Goat Cheese with Mango Achar, Raita, Cilantro Chutney and a Radish Relish– yummy

As many of you may already know: Parantha Alley was chosen as a finalist in the 2012 Vendy Cup!! This is the first year that the Vendys has included the Market Vendor category and we are both honored and in awe of our selection into this esteemed group.

Excitingly, 4 out of the 5 vendors chosen were from the Smorgasburg family!

Here’s what some have been saying about our Vendy sampler plate:

By Sandra Moy of  Veritasty:

Photo by Alex Jagendorf of Veritasty

“From Chinese, we again visited some Indian cuisine with Parantha Alley. My first encounter with parantha was in London’s Brick Lane when a big group of us visited for lunch. Our parantha was a big doughy griddle-fried bread that was flaky and greasy.  The paranthas at Parantha Alley were quite different: smaller, filled with different stuffings, and topped with an assortment of Indian chutneys.  They gave us a chicken parantha, potato and pea parantha, and a goat cheese, date, pecan, and honey parantha, which is extremely non-traditional, but was fairly mindblowing because I could actually taste all the ingredients.  I especially loved the yogurt sauce and the cilantro mint chutney.  Yum!”

By the Planet Chocko Zine

The Busy Grill Men and Cook at Parantha Alley Photo by Planet Chocko

The Parantha Sampler Photo by Planet Chocko

“My favorites out of the bunch included Parantha Alley, Cinnamon Snail, Phil’s Steaks, Okadaman, Uncle Gussy’s, and Imperial Woodpecker SnoBalls! Every vendor brought a slice of the tasty, though! Congratulations to all of the Vendy Award participants as well as to all of the 20,000+ street vendors of NYC!”

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