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You ask how did we start Parantha Alley?

Parantha Alley is the product of multi-generational South Asian Americans.  We have fundamental disagreements on authenticity having experienced it in so many varied ways.  This is all further complicated by the great regional differences that are inherent in Parantha making.

What we do agree on is that South Asian cuisine inspires multi layered tastes that come from simple fresh ingredients enhanced by fresh spices and herbs. 

Our food is inspired by not only the Parantha wallas from the streets but also from the fusion of tastes inherent in South Asia.  We strive to bring our own “authentic” twist to the NYC street food scene.

2 Responsesso far.

  1. marc steatham says:

    went to wedding — liked them — three things

    1 LES now please asap — lots of places to sell them

    2. any gluten free ones

    3. how do i pronounce parantha

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Marc.

      No Gluten free ones, but we are trying to make the filling as a pancake.

      It can be parantha or paratha, come by any weekend during the summer to check us out.


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